Clinical Training

Training Philosophy and Goals

NWBHS's internship program adheres to a practitioner-scholar model. Professional development occurs through experiential learning achieved through provision of clinical services combined with scholarly inquiry. The training approach is generalist in nature, preparing the intern to function within a variety of multi-disciplinary settings. There is a strong emphasis on evidence-based training and practice. This is accomplished by exposing interns to best-practices established through research, as well as utilization of outcome measures in their own clinical work. The clinical psychology internship program provides a broad-based clinical training experience. Interns work with a varied range of clinical concepts, approaches and problems. Secondarily, inters may hone in on particular areas of interest and specialization.

The clinical psychology internship program at NWBHS strives to fulfill several major goals:

  • Competence in autonomous functioning and identity as a professional psychologist
  • Competence in psychotherapy
  • Competence in outreach and consultation
  • Competence in the areas of group psychotherapy
  • Adherence to codes of professional conduct and ethics
  • Competence in the area of supervision
  • Competence in clinical and neuropsychological assessment

Fulfillment of goals is reflected through regularly scheduled competency assessments, didactics and supervisory evaluations.

Who Should Apply

Applicants who are interested in:

  • A general experience with an opportunity for specialization in child and neuropsychology
  • Involvement with outpatient, inpatient, nursing home care and community interventions
  • Working with children, adolescents, adult and geriatric populations
  • Working with ethnically, economically and culturally diverse populations
  • Working with a broad range of treatment modalities and interventions from an integrative theoretical perspective

Minimum Requirements:

  • Applicants must have minimum of 1000 intervention and assessment practicum hours at the time of application
  • Applicants from an APA-accredited doctoral graduate program in clinical or counseling psychology will be considered
  • All doctoral coursework must be complete by the start of internship



Three full-time positions are available (though one spot may be filled with a Post Doctoral Resident every other year). The annual stipend is $20,000. This includes vacation days and all other staff benefits. Applicants from all APA-accredited Ph.D.or Psy.D. programs in clinical and counseling psychology will be considered, but applications from APA-approved clinical psychology programs will be given priority. Applications from programs which are not APA-accredited are not accepted.
Although NWBHS is not currently an APPIC member, students interested in applying for the internship program may submit the standard APPIC Application for Psychology. This application should be completed in its entirety. Instructions concerning this application are found on the APPIC web site at
In addition to the standard APPIC application, we request a cover letter with intended goals, copy of your graduate school transcript, vita, and three letters of recommendation. References should include people who are familiar with your clinical as well as academic work. All of the material should be received by December 1st but applicants are encouraged to complete their applications as soon as possible. Interviews, either onsite or by phone, are a required part of the application process. Applicants will be notified by January 1st if an interview has been granted.
If you need further information before deciding to apply or have questions about the application procedure, please feel free to contact us. All inquiries and materials should be addressed to:
Peter Dodzik, PsyD, ABPdN, ABN
121 South Wilke Road, Suite 200
Arlington Heights, IL 60005
(847) 577-0904 p
(847) 577-1558 f
[email protected] 

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