Meet Our Clinicians


Dr. Christopher Watson, Psy.D., ABPP 

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Dr. Christopher Watson is a Board Certified Child and Adolescent Psychologist with over 20 years of training and experience in neuropsychological assessment, personality assessment, and psychotherapy. He earned his Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College Graduate School in 2003.  Dr. Watson founded NWBHS in 2005.  Dr. Watson earned his Collaborative and Proactive Solutions approach certification from Dr. Ross Greene in April 2014. Dr. Watson specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of childhood and adolescent challenges such as Asperger's Syndrome, anxiety disorders, OCD, explosive behaviors, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Dr. Watson worked from 2008-2011 on a multi-disciplinary team at the Alexian Brothers Developmental and Behavioral Pediatric Center.  In addition to clinical practice, Dr. Watson has taught both assessment and supervision courses as an adjunct professor in the Doctor of Clinical Psychology program at Argosy University Schaumburg Campus and Wheaton College Graduate School.  Dr. Watson is a trainer for Lives in the Balance and frequently speaks in Dr. Greene's stead when he is unable to.


Dr. Peter Dodzik, Psy.D., ABPdN, ABN 

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Dr. Peter Dodzik is Board Certified in both Pediatric and Adult Neuropsychology.  He specializes in the assessment and treatment of children and adults with neurological and neurodevelopmental disorders. His particular practice specialties include dementing disorders, ADHD, Sleep Disorders , dyslexia , pervasive developmental disorders and children with complex medical conditions such as epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, genetic and toxic/metabolic disorders. Dr. Dodzik is a Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology at Indiana University Medical School in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He teaches courses in psychiatry to second-year medical students, including lectures on autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, and neurodevelopmental conditions.  Dr. Dodzik is the previous Associate Chair of Clinical Psychology & Behavioral Sciences at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology-Schaumburg. Dr. Dodzik is currently involved in research related to the pharmacological treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, surgical treatment for Parkinson’s disease, and the assessment of developmental dyslexia, autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, and ADHD.  Dr. Dodzik has published and presented in the area of neuropsychological assessment and sleep medicine, including three book chapters in Sleep Psychiatry, on autism, dementia and ADHD with sleep disorders. He has recently published chapters on issues related to pediatric neuropsychology in the Handbook of Pediatric Neuropsychology and citations in The Encyclopedia of Clinical Neuropsychology. He has an upcoming chapter on Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. For a list of Dr. Dodzik's publications, click here [email protected]


Dr. Dana McKennon, Psy.D., Ed.S., LCLPC

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Dr. Dana McKennon earned a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology.  She has also obtained certification as a school psychologist from National-Louis University.  She is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a Certified School Psychologist.  Her education and experience contribute to a unique sensitivity to children's emotional, behavioral, and educational needs.  She worked for eight years as a school psychologist for an elementary school before entering full-time private practice.  She has taught as an adjunct professor at National-Louis University, teaching educational and counseling psychology.  At our practice, she provides adult and child therapy specializing in anxiety disorders, including selective mutism, social anxiety, separation anxiety, specific phobias, and OCD,  through cognitive behavioral interventions.  Finally, she has obtained training and certification in treating trichotillomania and excoriation.  She is an advocate for children and adolescents with special needs and consults as an expert witness. For more information about the services Dr. Dana offers, please click here: Dr. Dana McKennon  [email protected]


Dr. Whitney Tschan, Psy.D.

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Dr. Whitney Tschan is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with training and experience in neuropsychological assessment and psychotherapy with children, adolescents and adults.  She earned her Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology-Argosy University. She also holds a B.A. in Elementary Education from DePauw University and an M.A. in Learning Disabilities from Northwestern University. Dr. Tschan has trained and worked with individuals of all ages in a variety of settings including primary and secondary schools, college counseling centers, hospitals, and private practices. At our practice, she provides neuropsychological assessments for children, adolescents, and adults for such issues as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, learning disabilities and social disorders. In regards to psychotherapy, Dr. Tschan treats children, adolescents, adults, families and couples dealing with issues such as anxiety, depression, OCD, behavioral difficulties, ADHD, eating disorders/body image concerns and emotional regulation difficulties. 


Anthony Mule, MA, LCPC

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Anthony Mule is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who holds a Master’s in Arts Degree in Professional Counseling from Olivet Nazarene University in Oak Brook, IL.  Having both inpatient and outpatient care experience, he works with a wide range of mental health issues and daily life struggles. Anthony's experience extends to working with a youth population at the inpatient treatment center at Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health Hospital in Hoffman Estates IL and also volunteers for the Crisis Text Line, helping individuals experiencing crisis situations in real time.  Anthony specializes in children, adolescents, and young adults coping with behavioral and self-esteem issues, ADHD, autism, anxiety, and depression and has been certified in Couples and Family Therapy through Prepare & Enrich. He receives ongoing supervision and specialized training with children experiencing social, emotional and behavioral issues at home or at school. [email protected] 


Stacey Watson, MA, LCPC

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Stacey Watson, MA LCPC, has spent her entire career working with and advocating for students with disabilities. After earning her bachelor’s degree in special education from Indiana University, Stacey worked as the coordinator and educator for a high school alternative program. She then completed her master’s degree in clinical counseling at Adler School of Professional Psychology. For the past 13 years, Ms. Watson has served as a counselor in the access and disabilities department at a local community college, as well as an adjunct faculty instructor in the Human Services department. Stacey co-founded the Transition Autism Program in 2013, which has supported over 100 students toward their goal of completing an associate's degree. Her focus in private practice is helping students make a successful transition to post-secondary education. [email protected]


Katie Beerman, MS, LPC

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Katie Beerman, MS, LPC, is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Master of Science Degree in Counseling from Eastern Illinois University. She has over 14 years of experience working with college-age and adult students with learning disabilities, mental health issues, and other conditions requiring the need for academic accommodations. She has taught first-year experience/college introduction courses as an adjunct professor and has vast knowledge of programs and accommodations for college students. Katie specializes in working with clients and their families to transition from high school to college, ensuring accommodation needs are met at the college level, and teaching clients to self-advocate.


Maria Bellantuono, MA, LCPC

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Maria Bellantuono, MA, LCPC is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with a demonstrated history of working in the mental health care industry in various roles including management, therapist, and educator. Maria specializes in individuals with Autism Spectrum and other neurodevelopmental disorders as well as their family members. Maria is skilled in a variety of best practice therapy models such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Applied Behavior Analysis, Behavior Management, Play therapy, and Family Therapy. Maria will work with individuals who have neurodevelopmental disorders across the life span as well as children, adolescents and young adults struggling with school, anxiety, depression, and other challenges. [email protected] 


Eileen MacKenzie, MSW, LCSW, CCM 

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Eileen MacKenzie, MSW, LCSW, CCM, is a licensed clinical social worker and certified case manager. She has been working in the mental health field in various capacities for over 25 years. She received her masters degree in Social Work from Loyola University of Chicago. Eileen spent 15 years as a School Social Worker working with the middle school and high school populations and the past 10 years as a Medical Social Worker. She helps adults manage the impact of medical issues like chronic pain,  cancer, diabetes, loss, with co-existing or current mental health issues. Her style is open and accepting while using a goal-oriented and solution-focused approach to assist individuals in navigating life's obstacles. Eileen treats older adolescents and adults at NWBHS.


Dr. Dalia Manjarrès - Cohen, Psy.D.

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Dr. Dalia Manjarrès Cohen is a lifespan clinical neuropsychologist and psychotherapist who works with children, adolescents, adults, and geriatric patients. She received her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in Neuropsychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology in 2018. She is an adjunct professor in the Clinical Psychology doctoral program at National Louis University.  She provides neuropsychological evaluations for individuals with ADHD, learning disabilities, developmental disorders, autism, dementing disorders, behavioral and socio-emotional challenges, and complex medical conditions such as Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, genetic disorders, and cerebrovascular accidents. She also provides competency and disability evaluations. As a psychotherapist, Dr. Dalia is a Collaborative and Proactive Solutions certified provider and conducts parent-training as well as family and individual psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and young adults with behavioral, emotional, and/or social challenges. During therapy, she incorporates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) interventions, and her approach is empathic, evidence-based, problem-focused, and goal-oriented. Dr. Dalia provides services in person and via telehealth in English and Spanish. [email protected]


Dr. Meghan Cahill, Psy.D.

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Dr. Meghan Cahill completed her Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology at Wheaton College, emphasizing child and adolescent assessment and therapy.  She specializes in neuropsychological evaluations of children ages five and up and has particular areas of expertise in learning disabilities, ADHD, ASD, as well as other mood and anxiety disorders.  She also has expertise in a variety of general medical conditions, including traumatic brain injury, epilepsy, and complications of birth and prematurity.  She is bilingual in German and English. [email protected]


Dr. Aubrey Bornhoff, Psy.D.

Dr. Aubrey Bornhoff, Psy.D., is completing a postdoctoral residency to pursue licensure as a clinical psychologist at NWBHS, receiving ongoing supervision and specialized training in neuropsychology and therapy. She received her master’s and doctoral degrees in Clinical Psychology from Wheaton College (IL) and her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Valparaiso University (IN). She has trained in suburban and rural private practice, hospital, and community mental health settings, treating patients across the lifespan. Dr. Bornhoff provides neuropsychological evaluations for individuals with ADHD, learning disabilities, developmental disorders, autism, dementing disorders, complex medical issues, and behavioral/socio-emotional challenges. As a therapist, Dr. Bornhoff uses an integrated Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) approach that is person-centered, trauma-informed, and evidence-based. In both testing and therapy, she takes a holistic approach, considering all aspects of functioning.